Donations, contributions, and support to the Make a Difference Foundation have lead to the following:

• Since 2006, there have been approximately 20+ laptops given away through the Laptops for Leaders program.

• Recipients of technology through the Laptops for Leaders programs have said, “This laptop helped me enter politics and finish my degree” and “My father was unemployed while I was trying to pay for a private education and this laptop made the difference in completing my education.” Through letters and testimonials, we are learning that recipients are able to better participate in politics, amnesty international, and high profile professional jobs in the legal field.

• The foundation has provided funding and assistance to the Crime Commission and Crime Stoppers.

• In conjunction with university leadership, the Make a Difference Foundation has established an endowed scholarship fund with recipients who come from at-risk environments and war-torn countries.

• With the support of university administration and the president, a political science seminar room with complete audio-visual technology has been built.

• In conjunction with the federal program to honor the victims of the Murrah Bombing Building, the Make a Difference Foundation has expanded “Trees of Honor and Remembrance” to several counties in Oklahoma with plans to expand every year in the hope of reaching a national audience in time.