• Healing for Heroes

    Connecting Former Military Members And First Responders

  • To Non-Pharmaceutical Options For PTSD

    by Justin Ammons


    The Healing for Heroes Project is an outward expression of the Marine Corps motto, Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful).  H4H seeks to provide information about, and access to, alternative and non-pharmaceutical methods for treating post-traumatic stress disorder in former military service members, first responders and their families. We believe that creating a family environment for healing is better and ultimately more effective than concentrating solely on the service member.

    We also believe that there is no one perfect solution for the troubles that plague our heroes suffering from PTSD. For this reason, we are putting our efforts into building a network of different methods and ideologies, affording those in need with many treatment options and allowing them to find healing on their own terms.

    Effective Alternatives

      Many of us have heard the statistics: More than 20 service members commit suicide on a daily basis. Our nation’s heroes are dying at their own hand, a secondary result of the horrific events associated with war.

    Men and women are so frustrated by a system that, for whatever reason, cannot provide them the attention, treatment and healing they so desperately seek, that they’re ending their pain in a terrible way. The pharmaceutical treatments employed by the VA are not effective, merely dulling service members’ pain or, in more frequently occurring instances, over-medicating them, leaving them nearly catatonic. Either way, their problems are not being solved.

    Inspiration, Education and Empowerment

  • are at the center of all that we stand for.

  • We seek to inspire those who suffer to realize there are more options for their healing. We endeavor to educate them on the different options available, by partnering with alternative care providers and facilitating events highlighting these alternative therapies. And by standing shoulder to shoulder with them, we empower them to find healing and peace in their own lives.

  • Anyone who has ever separated from the military has faced the

    “What’s next?” question.  The last 10 months of my life, since being medically

    retired, has been a pain.  H4H has aided me in all the things I couldn’t figure out—

    from medical stuff to the “brotherhood” and reconnecting with other vets.

    —Josh Graf


      Today, more than ever, the nation is aware of and sympathetic to the needs of the men and women who suffer from psychological trauma.

    Our goals for the present are to continue building our network of caregivers and service providers, and to fundraise to offset or cover the costs of these treatments.

    Our goals for the future are to seek legislative change for the way military service members are processed out of the military and reintegrated into society.

    The Healing for Heroes Project operates under the T.C. Lane Make a Difference Foundation, a 501(c)(4), in order to actively seek legislative change.

    H4H partners with The Beckoning, a 501(c)(3), Sonshine Counseling Services of Fort Walton Beach, and FWB American Shaman CBD.

  • Justin Ammons is the Executive Director of Healing for Heroes.